Joining a club at the Bracken County Community Center gives you the opportunity to dive into a fun activity while getting acquainted with others from the community. Take a look at just a few of the clubs available at our center:

Bird-Watching Club

Are you curious about the birds living in our area? If so, join our bird-watching club. We meet every Tuesday evening at 4 in Conference Room 5. Members talk about the birds they've seen, share photos of local birds, and conduct research online to find out more about them. This group also schedules regular outings to explore local parks and preserves and observe the activities of birds. Stop by and learn more about the feathered creatures all around you!

Yoga Club

Members of our yoga club gather in spacious Conference Room 2 every Saturday at 5:30 p.m. Join and you'll learn some basic yoga positions while listening to soft music. You can bring your own yoga mat, or you're welcome to use one from our supply closet. Relax and enjoy a soothing time with others who appreciate all that yoga has to offer the body and mind.

Scrapbooking Club

Ask any member of our scrapbooking club and you'll find that the best thing about it is the laughter. Express your creativity with patterned paper, stencils, die-cuts, stamps, and more while chatting it up with other locals who love scrapbooking. We provide basic materials such as paper, scissors, and stencils, but you're free to bring your own and share. Make a wedding present for a friend, a keepsake from a vacation, or a birthday gift for a child. The possibilities are endless in Conference Room 3 on Monday evenings at 5.

Book Club

From bestsellers to lesser-known gems, our book club members always have a lot to say about their latest pick. This club meets the first Thursday of every month at 6 p.m. in Conference Room 1. Check in with David at the front desk to see what they're reading this month!

Trivia Club

Joining this club is an easy way to increase your knowledge of trivia and have some fun with other local residents at the same time. Our trivia club meets every Saturday at noon in Conference Room 4. Participants separate into teams to challenge one another with questions on pop culture, history, news stories, famous people, etc.

If you're interested in starting your own club, we'd love to have you. Stop by the front desk to reserve a spot on our schedule!

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