Using Our Spaces

Do you have a conference, meeting, party, or other gathering coming up? If so, Bracken County Community Center has conference rooms, both large and small, available to reserve or rent for your event.

Reserving a Conference Room

It's free to reserve a conference room for your gathering. We provide the space, while you provide whatever else you need. When your event is finished, you're responsible for cleaning up the room, including throwing away trash and removing any unused food items.

Renting a Conference Room

If you'd like to rent a room, your fee will include the use of our dishes, glasses, napkins, and other supplies in our center's kitchen. Our stove is available to keep your foods warm, and you may use our center's refrigerator for salads, desserts, and beverages. When you rent a room, we'll also make a small staff available to help with serving and cleanup. In addition, we have a sound system you can use if you plan to play music.

How to Reserve or Rent a Conference Room

Whether you'd like to reserve or rent a conference room, your first step is to call our office. Let us know whether you intend to rent or reserve and how many people you're going to host. That way, we can determine which of our rooms would suit your needs. We'll take down your contact information as well as the date and time you'd like to use the room. Our staff is happy to answer any questions about our facilities to ensure that you know what to expect. We'll send you an email to confirm the details after you've successfully booked the conference room.

If you want to take a look at our conference rooms ahead of your gathering, we can show them to you. If you plan to rent, we'll also show you the kitchen and point out the supplies available to you. We want you to be able to plan your event so everything works out the way you want it to.

Calling our community center as soon as possible increases the odds that the room you'd like is available to use on the day of your event. Our conference rooms are in demand for gatherings of all kinds, so it's best to arrange for one right away once your plans are set.

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